Tuesday, February 6, 2018

January 14th thru January 21st 2018

Finally we have power, internet and time all at one! We had another great week visiting schools, a village the  top of the hill , a women's conference at the church and a baby dedication at Redeemed Church of God.
I THINK I can!!

Having tea

Tea again up in the village

Lining up for tea at the women's conference.
A fun day of getting to know women in Uganda
Lunch- yes, we are well fed here!

The kitchen
Women from the village who have a co-op and are working together.

Baby dedication at Redeemed Church of God.
Enoch's family whom we have known for many years. They were dedicating their daughters Rachel and Leah.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January 7th thru January 18th

We left home on Sunday Jan 7th on a new unknown adventure. We had a 15 hour lonnnng flight to Dubai, UAE. We landed, cleared customs, checked in at Holiday Inn Express and headed out on the metro into the city at 9 pm. Beautiful city, amazing buildings and friendly people.
The 3 and 4 story mall- every USA store you want!
Comfort food from home!
Tallest building in the world( I think!)
We just happened on the 10 pm fountain which ironically went off to the theme of Ponderosa( US tv show)
Lights everywhere! 
On to Entebbe, Uganda - a 5 hour flight- then to Murchison Falls National Park. Hippos in the water on our boat ride.
Elephant crossing the Nile to an island.
Murchison Falls from the Nile River.
Tracy and our friend Julius who has went with us on many adventures in Rwanda and Uganda.
Mama lions
We saw 2 mamas and probably 6 cubs in this spot.

Cross traffic
George, our guide on the boat and the game drive. Was a really nice man- he is waiting to show our grandchildren around!
The falls
Rainbow thru the falls- looking down the Nile.

The Nile
On to Kabale. Church at King's Ressurection Center. The building is coming along slowly by slowly. So good to back "home" with these dear friends.
Worship team
This lady came out of Islam and through God's intervention was given her daughter back from the father's family. She wanted to dedicate her to the Lord.
Praying for the daughter.

"But in every nation anyone who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him." Acts 11:35

Monday, December 12, 2016

Homeward Bound

We are in the  beautiful city of Kigali Rwanda ready to catch our flight home tonite.
We are extremely  tired  but also in awe of where God has taken us the last 5
and 1/2 weeks. We have traveled many miles safely in a trusty vehicle, ate way too much food, met many wonderful people, heard tragic stories almost beyond belief, and have seen the Love and message of Jesus shared in Uganda. So we praise our God for his mercy and grace. Looking forward to Christmas at home. "Peace on Earth- Good-
will to Man!"
Fellowship at our "home" with some young couples-a
Good evening of laughter and sharing.

We traveled to Rushere, about 4 hours away
to see friends Peter and Sharon and be
at a conference at their church and the
next day at a village church. This is their
boys Timothy, Benjamin, and David.

Worship at Rushere Full Gospel Church

This elderly woman walked 10 km(6 miles) to be at church.

Peter talking to her.

Having breakfast with Brandon - a pastor from Texas

Peter's family in front of their shop.

Worship at Kyabagyeni village church

Eating corn

Looking in the church door

Giving testimony

Children everywhere!!

Back in Kabale visiting old time friends Eli and

Meeting with and feeding street boys.

A moment from God- he brought our friend Enoch( who had been
a street boy) to talk to them. An amazing day- we had no
idea things would happen as they did.

Enoch, Julius, Wilber - 3 Godly young men
whom we have watched grow up and have
Been happy to be part of their lives,

Emily and Medius singing

Ordaining Pastor Beddah as an elder.

Happy to be worshipping the Lord.

 Beddah and Emily, Wilber and Medius, Tracy and I

Some of the church people

Wilber's family

Our last Sunday

Visited the coffee in Rwanda- in the rain!
They have cut it back to regrow.

Friends for a long time!

Charles, his godparents- Ancilla and Martin,
and Francine( who takes care of the coffee)

We are relaxing our last day in Africa. We were given a free
Upgrade to a king suite at the Heaven hotel in Kigali overlooking the
Land of a thousand hills- as they call Rwanda.