Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day!

We are alive and well in Uganda.On April Fool's day I pray we all may be considered fools for the gospels sake.In the last week the power here is off more than on and the phone lines also.So internet time can be few and far between.I was posting the last batch of pictures when it went so there is more to come. And It just went so am trusting batter power.
Every time I think I have been down the bumpiest dirt road in Africa-Guess what!We traveled to Kinunga Tuesday.This is where Geralds parents live.Gerald lives in our area and attends Stan State. We traveled 3 hours to the Bwindi impenetrable Forest.This is where they trek gorillas.The forest is so dense and thick you can not believe.We did not trek gorillas as it is $500 US.We stayed in The Silverback Lodge at the very top of the mountain.This is a 4 star resort that Geralds dad is involved in.The view is incredible.Then Geralds parents and his sister Ester took us around Kinunga and to their home and to see a coffee project he is involved with.We had the best time with them.Very gracious and hospitable. Then the bumpy teeth jarring ride back.And today back to work!We were actually missing the students and teachers.We break tomorrow for 4 days for Easter.Good Friday service at All Saints Anglican,spending time with Vian and his fiancee ,Easter at KTC chapel,our 34th anniversary, teacher workshop on Monday-thats our weekend!Blessings on all!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning

It is a beautiful Saturday morning in Uganda.Tracy is riding with Joab to return his father to his home near Mbarara and then on to see the school farm and irrigation project. After finishing my housework which consists of cleaning up a 10x12 room with no cupboards or closets and washing out lightweight clothing,I am enjoying a day in town relaxing and shopping.
We have had an interesting week.The school has experienced fist-fights, lock-down due to theft,and a down to the last minute championship football(soccer) game between S2 and S6.This was played on a field with 2 inches of water.So much slipping and sliding.They are normal teenagers with all the problems,emotions and interests as at home.
We met with the sponsored students and they are so appreciative of all who help with their school fees.They tell us they pray daily for you.Thanks from them for all your support.
On Friday we traveled to Kisoro-1 1/2 hrs on paved 1 1/2 unpaved bumpy road. Kisoro is the Uganda side of the mountains and volcanos we saw in Rwanda.It was again breathtakingly beautiful.We met up with Chris' brother (Chris was the KTC headmaster at one time.)We also stopped at a school started by a former teacher.We traveled miles down a muddy rocky road to see a resort on a lake.Of course it was raining and we got stuck!We arrived back at the hotel tired and muddy but enjoyed the day.
We have found out we are very old! Many conversations go like this:
Us:Do you have parents?
Them:No they died.Its ok. They were very old.
Us:How old?
Them:They were in their early fifties.
Us:Do you know we are 56 and 54?
Them:Oh, you are very very old.
AIDS,hard work,disease, and no health care takes it toll here.
We are so blessed to be so old and able to move around here and see God at work.We pray that none of us miss any opportunities to share"Christ and Him crucified".

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our week at Kabale Trinity College

We have been in Kabale for 7 days!We are now considered staff at Kabale Trinity College.We sign in in the morning.We are trying to make them understand -we will eat their food and use their toilets.We just want to blend in(which is a little hard!)We have an office in the Vespry for counselling and studying.We leave the door open and many students stop by to talk.Many subjects come up-dating ,witchcraft,homosexuality,sugar daddies(for school fees) and many others.There is such a big need to know they are accepted and secure in Christ. Many questions begin with"Will I go to hell if I...?"There is 1500 kids at the school and so many needs.
Saturday we traveled to Akanajuka children's home.This is now located a few miles out of town.David and Kathryn Guniea,a young couple from Australia have carried this vision from ground up.They have built 5 homes with one mother and 8 children to each home.Now they are working on a school.Of course the children had to sing and dance for us!Pictures later.We are going back in a couple weeks and Tracy is to do a seminar with the staff.
Sunday we worshipped at the chapel at KTC.It is so amazing to see 2000(with visitors) worshipping and praising the Lord with song and dance!!4 hour chuch service then lunch with the staff.Its fun to reaquaint with friends from years before.The teachers are a young enthusiastic group.They love to talk about the Bible. Peter one of the young teachers has wedded since last year and brought his beautiful bride Sharon.One of the first things he said to us was how much Galations 2 :20 has come to mean in his life this year.Praise God!
This place is so beautiful.Green hills, flowers,and friendly people.And on the flip side the filth and smells in town is overwhelming.We do return to our hillside retreat every evening and try not to feel a little guilty.
This weekend we are to travel to Kisoro, a town up in the hillside around 60 miles away.Then we will go to church with Pastor Johnson Bakashaba on Sunday and visit his home.We never know what will happen next here.We are in our room right now with lightening and thunder and heavy rain so I expect the power to go anytime!God Bless all of you and thanks for your prayers!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life in Kabale

This will probably be a little rambling as thats where our thoughts are today!We are settling in here to life at the same time realizing we are staying at the nicest place in town and eating the best food.When you drive by the garbage dump and see small children (like 5 or 6 years old)who live on the streets you realize its probably not a big deal the electricity was off so you couldnt dry your hair or you will eat the exact same food for breakfast for a month.God is definitely working on us to get self out of the way!The program changes every day-every hour!Tracy was informed half an hour before classes to talk on service in Uganda society.Joab asked what I wanted to teach and I said nothing spur of the moment!We decided on talking to the girls about women of the Bible but later one of the teachers told me they had changed it to HIV prevention!!Definitely not my field of expertice!!so we do desire your prayers to be flexible.
Kabale is a beautiful area with many friendly people.The town is very filthy.You need to wear shoes at all times and not look down to what you are walking thru.Nothing comes easy here.People are working hard for the food for today.It is often overwhelming but we realize all we can do is what the Lord puts right in front of us.So we do desire your prayers that we will be found in His will.We miss home every day but we do wake up with joy to see what is in store for us that day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pictures of Kabale,Uganda

The White Horse Inn where we stay

Pictures of Rwanda

Coffee in Rwanda is looking good!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Here we are in the Edirisa Coffee Shop in Kabale.We were welcomed by many old friends!!We arrived here yesterday and spent the evening with Joab,Connie,and Joanna.Then today we went to the school to receive our "program".Everything here has a program!Then we went to the teachers room to see many faces we know.Its amazing how quick a year goes and you feel back at home the minute you walk in. We are spending today settling in and obtaining a cell phone etc.Tracy will start teaching Wednesday and we are to report every day as part of the staff.They have not yet decided what program Tracy will be teaching!So...
Our last 2 days in Kigali were very good.We had a Bible Study with some folks we see every year.We talked about suffering ,forgiveness,and rising above.I don't think we sometimes have a clue!These people have lost family members to machetes.And what we consider suffering!Then Sunday we had a great day at the Presbyterian church.French service was led by a Swiss woman missionary and Tracy preached at the English service.
We again had communion there.We met missionaries serving there who knew Dave and Babs Veneman from Modesto. Then telling Charles' family bye we headed for the border.
It was very good to arrive here where we feel so much at home.It is great to communicate in English and to see so many people who are part of our lives.The internet is very slow but I might try some pictures.God Bless and thanks for your prayers.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Greetings from Kigali!Thanks for all the prayers!We have had a great trip so far with just a few bumps along the way.In the London airport I checked to see if our camera charger was in and realized the charger and battery were on the kitchen wall!Fortunately we were by an electronics store that sold both for a not so small fee.So far with a europe-UK-usa converters put together we can't get it to charge .So we are in search of a camera shop today.
We arrived in Kigali Thursday morning and checked into the adequate Presbyterian Guest House.We have tried to make them understand one towell is not enough for 2 people!!we went out to the farm with Charles.The coffee Tracy and Charles planted a year ago is doing very well.Of course all the neighbors showed up to watch the muzungas(white folks)!Its very sobering to be in such a beautiful place where so much sorrow happened.This is the place where Charles' family lived before the genocide and where many of them died.He was also in hiding in this area.We meet people whose families were the killers and those whose families were killed.There is still a haunting look in so many eyes.But the children are the hope-they love to laugh and play.
Yesterday we went up to the Gisenyi and Goma area.A long bumpy ride.And once again beautiful.We were in the volcano region very close to where Dian Fossey lived and died.(Gorillas in the Mist)I read a biography of Rosamund Hasley Carr-Land of a Thousand Hills-my life in Rwanda.For all you readers I recommend this!She was an American who lived in Rwanda for 50+ years.We visited her plantation-Mugongo.7800 elevation.It was a flower farm complete with acres of English gardens.It has been Imbabazi Orphanage since the genocide.They invited us in for lunch but we needed to get back to Kigali.We were right by Goma which is in the Congo where there is still a lot of unrest.
Today we are on our own in Kigali.Sitting at Bourbon Coffee Again!!Tonite we have Bible Study with friends we have met before.Then tomorrow Tracy will speak at the English service at the Presbyterian church.Then we will leave for Kabale 'Uganda.We are ready to leave big city french speaking for Kabale where we feel so much at home!God's Blessings on everyone at home.We will post pictures as soon as possible.All of you seem so far away and yet very close!

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's time to go!!!

We have said our good-byes,we have been to the park,we have read Bible stories,and we have had birthday parties.It's time to go!We head out tomorrow mid-day and head for Kigali via London and Nairobi.
It's a strange feeling of leaving home to go home!We are blessed to be strangers and pilgrims
here but also feel at home on opposite ends of the earth.We will arrive in Kigali,Rwanda on Thursday March 14,2010 so please keep us in your prayers.