Monday, December 12, 2016

Homeward Bound

We are in the  beautiful city of Kigali Rwanda ready to catch our flight home tonite.
We are extremely  tired  but also in awe of where God has taken us the last 5
and 1/2 weeks. We have traveled many miles safely in a trusty vehicle, ate way too much food, met many wonderful people, heard tragic stories almost beyond belief, and have seen the Love and message of Jesus shared in Uganda. So we praise our God for his mercy and grace. Looking forward to Christmas at home. "Peace on Earth- Good-
will to Man!"
Fellowship at our "home" with some young couples-a
Good evening of laughter and sharing.

We traveled to Rushere, about 4 hours away
to see friends Peter and Sharon and be
at a conference at their church and the
next day at a village church. This is their
boys Timothy, Benjamin, and David.

Worship at Rushere Full Gospel Church

This elderly woman walked 10 km(6 miles) to be at church.

Peter talking to her.

Having breakfast with Brandon - a pastor from Texas

Peter's family in front of their shop.

Worship at Kyabagyeni village church

Eating corn

Looking in the church door

Giving testimony

Children everywhere!!

Back in Kabale visiting old time friends Eli and

Meeting with and feeding street boys.

A moment from God- he brought our friend Enoch( who had been
a street boy) to talk to them. An amazing day- we had no
idea things would happen as they did.

Enoch, Julius, Wilber - 3 Godly young men
whom we have watched grow up and have
Been happy to be part of their lives,

Emily and Medius singing

Ordaining Pastor Beddah as an elder.

Happy to be worshipping the Lord.

 Beddah and Emily, Wilber and Medius, Tracy and I

Some of the church people

Wilber's family

Our last Sunday

Visited the coffee in Rwanda- in the rain!
They have cut it back to regrow.

Friends for a long time!

Charles, his godparents- Ancilla and Martin,
and Francine( who takes care of the coffee)

We are relaxing our last day in Africa. We were given a free
Upgrade to a king suite at the Heaven hotel in Kigali overlooking the
Land of a thousand hills- as they call Rwanda.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

God is good - all the time!

A few of the places we have been- and the people we have seen!
Hauled many pounds of Irish(potatoes) up the hill to plant.

The path to the potato plot - over the barbed wire fence.....through
the wild!

Planting the Irish On a beautiful hillside!

Filling their baskets

Dropping sprouted potatoes in the holes.

Another view of Lake Bunyoni with a young lady from
Colorado Springs we met.

Mizwa and Kunda- some of our Ugandan grandchildren

Praising the Lord!

Happy to be meeting in a small shed at the church site.

Traveled to Kinunga overnite. Seeing our friend Gerald's coffee

Coffee Berries

Coffee drying on racks.

Kinungu is beautiful. It is more of a jungle feel and close
to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Coffee Huller

Meeting with a group of Free Methodist pastors

Gerald's parents- Hamlet and Kellen

Claude , a street boy has followed us all over town and followed
Us in church- Tracy and Wilbur praying for him.

God is good- all the time!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Good Week With Kabale Friends

We have had an enjoyable week in Kabale- visiting friends in their homes and in their 
Churches. We have laughed and cried and heard life stories we can't even imagine. And yet we know that in the USA or in Uganda there is no story too big or too horrendous that God can't pour his healing mercy and grace into it.
Dear friends for many years- Jackson, Kate and children-
Derrick, Tracy, Grace and Bright. We love to travel way up
their hill and spend the day with them.
Jackson's Mama and me- we have so much fun but
We don't understand a word each other says!!
Family, Friends and Neighbors
The Ones that escaped being Lunch- they wander through the house
at will .
The land where Kate raises cabbages to sell.
Banana Trees

View out the church window.
Nursery School Children
Always a walk uphill
Attended a preschool graduation.
Sunday Morning Open Air Services.

Supper with Chris and Brian.
A Midweek Service in the Nyabushabi Village
A great day of worship
The drummer
On the way to church
The road to the village
Emily and Beddah, Medius and Wilber, Tracy and I
The view from their home
We traveled this path to Pastor Beddah's for lunch
Chris, Julius and Tracy- you never know who you will see at
The White Horse Inn!
Wednesday Night Service
Lunch at Home Again with the People who helped at the
conference .

Take Away from the Pork Joint- Roasted Pork, Matoke
And Cabbage. 
Noontime Fellowship at Kabale Trinity College.