Friday, January 30, 2009

White Horse Inn where we are roughing it!!

Kabale Town

Jackie and I-friends for a long time

Tracy and the male teachers discussing bride price-they must pay 2500 dollars or 5 cows to marry.Very hard to come up with.Their divorce rate is 1% might be why!!they wait til around 30 to marry
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At home in Kabale

the last one posted so I will try again.
Tracy and I have walked miles in Kabale the last few days.down the hill up the hill down the hill.
This is a beautiful area but not a beautiful town!!!Ugandas are very polite soft spoken friendly people. everyone in town comes up and talks.
Tracy has conducted a seminar at the Kabale Trinity college the last two days.About 25 of the staff attended. they are very attentive and asked a lot of questions.Then lunch of goat,matoke(cooked bananas) and poshe(corn) very good no spoons just fingers!!!Today we came into town and had lunch at the little ritz restaurant. we are preparing to walk back up the hill to have dinner with Brian-one of our sponsered students.joab has been very busy registering students so we have been on our own.We have had a lot of fun in town.We will get to spend the weekend with Joab and Connie-traveling to his parents and the school farm.


This will be posted very fast so excuse any mistakes. we have been trying to post for 3 days. twice i have written whole posts and had power failures on last sentences.after checking 5 different places today we found one that works.Praise the Lord!!!!
We arrived in kigali and hit the ground running.after a quick-1 1/2 hr lunch we traveled over bumpy dirt roads around 50 minutes out of kigali to meet up with the Gideons.They are conducting a blitz in Rwanda.We were able to go and hand out several hundred Bibles at a school.The children were so eager and receptive.The teachers were given Bibles and started reading right away.It was so amazing to have dear friends-Joab from Uganda-Charles from Rwanda-Terry Boone and Tracy from Modesto all passing out Bibles together.
Then our first shower in 3 days.AHHH.
On to Kabale thru the most beautiful countryside we have ever seen.You almost forget all the heartache that has happened here in Rwanda.
A quick stop to see Connie at the bank.Then on to HOME away from home-White horse Inn.
will try to post pictures tomorrow.
Thanks for all your prayers and support.We have had a few moments of wondering what we are doing so far from home.Many others have shared the gospel here and are doing so now.The answer we have been given.NOW is the time for YOU to share the Christ that dwells within.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Here we are in the Kenya airport,waiting for the last leg of our journey to Kigali.We left home approximately 24 hrs ago on Sunday evening but in Kenya its Tuesday morn at 8:00.In London its 5:00 and in Kigali its 9:00am.No wonder we are a little confused!!When we get to Kabale just add 11 hours to California.!12 noon is 11 pmWe have had a rather unremarkable trip. Good flights lots of room good food good company.A liitle excitement on our flight as a Iranian British Italian girl sitting next to us was sure her money belt and passport was stolen.after involving many people and no small stir she found it--in her backpack!!
As our trip progresses we are very much as white Americans becoming a minority.Its just awesome to see God's creation walk by.We are amazed to find ourselves once again in Africa. The scary thing is we feel much at home!!WE are looking forward to getting to Kabale and seeing what God has for us to learn.

We love and miss everyone Tracy and Mary

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here we go

No Turning back!The morning of January 25th has dawned(very early)and we are filled with alternating moments of joy and trepidation.This last month we have seen Gods hand in so many ways in bringing this journey about.And all too quickly we have doubted.A burden for people in Africa is on our hearts in a way we don't even understand.
We will go to church this morning and then have lunch with our children.Then around 3 :00 we'll be headed to S.F.Then a 10 hr flight to
London,5 hrs in airport,10 hrs to Kenya,5 hrs in Narobi airport,2 hrs on to Kigali where hopefully Terry Boone,Charles, and Joab will meet us.We will be crossing Ben and Tami somewhere in the air around London.we have enjoyed their messages from Uganda-like bring ponchos and boots!We are looking forward to sharing our trips together.
We desire your prayers for traveling mercies.We will be arriving Kigali tuesday afternoon(11 hrs ahead of home).We want to be found in His will and want His name to be glorified.