Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

   Just reflecting on our amazing God and His work around the world. We just pray that all of us wherever we are will not miss the opportunities and open doors He puts on our path to share Christ wherever you find yourself- whether around the world or at home.

   The joy of seeing those who have so little having a hunger to serve God and learn of Him.

Seeing Rwanda- a country scarred by heartache slowly rebuilding and practicing forgiveness. An example- Charles is using some of the men involved in the genocide and now released from prison to work in the coffee along with those who lost family members.

Having your your heart gladdened and also broke by the children everywhere.  You see children as young as 5 living on the streets. We have heard many of the testimonies of those who were rescued.

This is Sanjo Baby Home in Kampala where they have 49 abandoned children ages newborn to 5. We met a  couple at the wedding who had adopted a son from here.  They are all just clamoring for attention! Babies everywhere! Would have loved to bring them home- but its not that easy!

One of our greatest joys about Uganda is seeing young men and women who we have known for years growing up- starting careers -starting families- and serving the Lord in many ways. At Vian's wedding we met up with many from the past.

 Wycliff, Eliezar, and Simon with Tracy. Some of them still were carrying the Bibles we had given them years ago.

We were blessed by the times of hurry and  wait when we had the chance to catch up on our reading.
 Something I still don't understand about Uganda culture- Being told "you have grown so fat- you look so good" is a compliment!! I was told this 4 different times! I was told it means your husband is providing for you well!!! Hmmmm!!!
Was so great to have Ben and Tami to share part of the journey with.Our experiences will not soon be forgotten!

            " Oh sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord
        all the earth! 
          Sing to the Lord, bless His name; tell of His salvation from
       day to day.
         Declare His works among the nations, His marvelous works among
        among all the peoples!!"    Psalms 96: 1-3

Merry Christmas and thanks for following along!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It Was A Beautiful Wedding

The Bride Waiting in the Car

Met up with Simon- a student from the past

Joab filled in to give the bride away

A skit during the wedding

Vian's grandmother and her sister

Former KTC students

Serving wedding cake

Presenting wedding gifts

Tami receiving her cake

Vian came to tell us bye

The Penecostal, American, and Anglican pastors blessing them


Wow- what a day! We  have finished our trip with a bang!!  Spent all day yesterday with wedding events.  Many similarities and many cultural differences too.  But most of all we saw God glorified in the lives of Vian and Evelyn and many others.

Kabale to Kampala

Loading up big suitcases in a small car  !!

Merry Christmas from Uganda- Here they have poinsetta trees instead of plants

Ben and Tami

Tami, Judith (who was a teacher and is working at the farm), me

The famous Equator spot

Meeting with the Reverend officiating at Vian and Evelyn's wedding

The stairway to the church office

The ugliest bird in the world

Bible Study- counseling with young couples

Beggars in the middle of traffic