Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Times

 Gas shortages in Kabale. This has something to do with the Kenya elections next week.

 One of the students from last year scored the highest possible in the national testing. His name is Medard whose has been sponsered by Daryl and Dee Dutter.
 We didn't realize what a big thing this was until the New Vision- the national newspaper showed up!
 We visited Ebeneezer School started by Pastor Johnson and Revival Tabernacle.

 Laban- a little boy we sponser.
 Then waaay up the hill to Jackson's home. We met with the church leaders and had tea of course!

 We were the first whites to visit their church so it was a very big deal.(Too big!) We even got a certificate for it.
 This is an Anglican church. They build as they get the funds.
 Much dancing and praising the Lord.

 Jackson works at the White Horse Inn and we have became very good friends.

 Jackson's children- Derick, Tracy and Grace.

 Jackson, Kate and family.
 The school farm-looking good!
 Sorry the pictures land out of order. We have spent too many hours at the mechanic's shop! Fixing the broken window.
 At the farm. A one hour visit took 8. Another long story!

     It is always amazing what you try to cram in the last few days of a trip! We have been all over Kabale area seeing people and places we promised we would. We have had dinner with Eli and Margaret,Johnson and Margaret and tonite with Joab and Connie. We  have decided that most of the stress we have here is from the roads and the vehicle that hasn't liked these roads! But the trip to the top of these hills is usually worth it!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Journey to Kisoro

    Last week flew by! Tracy talked to the youth at All Saints, we talked to the men and women  at church of Jesus Christ, spent a lot of time at Kabale Trinity College with the staff and students. Then on Thursday we headed to Kisoro to visit Chris and Evelyn. Chris was the headmaster at KTC when we first visited in 2004. Chris has started a school in Kisoro, his hometown which is about 1 1/2 hrs from Kabale. We were happy to have Brian go along with us.

 The Uganda Crested Cranes we see around the hotel.
 Pineapple Transport.
 The land Chris wants to move the school and build on.

 We were hit by an almost unheard of hail storm.
 Ester and Ezra gathered up a bag of hail!
 I met Ester as a baby!
 Muhabura Shine Secondary school

 Brian and I met with some classes-Tracy with others.

 Lunch with the teachers.
 My new motto!
 Mt. Muhabura-the Volcano mountain
 We went on a short(?) walk uphill and one hour later reached the top!

 Once again-worth the hike. We could see Rwanda and the DRC (Congo) from the top.

 Chris, Tracy, and Brian
 School kids
 Batwa (Pygmies) camping outside Chris' compound.

 The kitchen where the most wonderful food came from.

 Evelyn-Chris' wife
 Brian and Tracy

 We found a fantastic coffee shop

 The Sunday Service-there is students inside and out-836 students.
 Evelyn getting her hair braided.
 The inside students
 Chris the director
 They announced they would be making dust later-which means dancing on the dirt floor!!

 David and wife-old friends of Brian's. He teaches here and Brian stayed with them.

 We had a fantastic 4 days staying with Chris and Evelyn and children. Ester,Ezra,Ebenezer, and Elijah. We became great friends and hated to leave.

 And then we spent  the afternoon at the mechanic's shop. A very long story! It involves a very bad rocky road.

 After a false start and returning to the mechanic we finally got on the road about 8:15 pm. Kabale never looked so good!
 Today Gerald, Tom, and Kristen came and visited. We had lunch at Lake Bunyoni.