Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Places-New Faces

We are behind in posting our happenings - the power and internet together have not cooperated. We have had many long days seeing God in amazing ways and dropping to sleep exhausted every night! We were able to travel to Rushere (About 5 hours away) last week and visit good friends Peter and Shallon. Peter was  a teacher at KTC and now works with Living Water which combines digging wells and sharing the gospel. We took Joab part of the way, picked up Peter, picked up Mutahi(another friend)in Mbararra and stopped at the school farm on the way.  Rushere is very different from Kabale - much hotter and they mostly raise cattle.
KTC farm - pineapple, citrus, mangos all planted together

We stayed at Rusheri Hospital Guest House And had some time to relax.

Our view from the guest house

We went to Peter's for lunch and worship. This is Mutahi and Timothy,
Peter's oldest son whom we met as a baby.

Peter's family

Worship at Peter and Shallon's-a very special time

Timothy singing at Living Water staff devotions the next

The small building is the church at Kyabagyenyi village we visited.

Peter translating

Living water brought Sack lunches and sodas

Listening intently

Back in Kabale at the delicious "pork Joint" we have discovered with a
view down of Kabale town.

Saturday we traveled to Jackson and Kate's village waaaay up another hill!
They had friends and family in and served another fantastic meal. Jackson
works at White Horse Inn and we have got to know them as family.

Jackson's mother and the lay leader of their church.

They have expanded their home since last year. Very nice

Family and friends

Little Tracy and Big Tracy

Sunday Worship

This lady in the middle stood up after church and said she wanted Christ.
She came from a family that worshipped idols. She couldn't sleep at nite
because of demons harassing her. Her name is Hellen and she was going to
go home and tell her family about Christ.

Lunch after church with the New Vision School Staff.

We attended Apollo and Judith's wedding reception last week.
She called and invited us over and surprised us with supper.

Joab went with us. A really fun evening. Judith always
shows you a good time.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Where we have been

On Thursday we traveled to Kanungu to attend the burial of Gerald's Grandmother who was 90 years old. Gerald attended school in Modesto and we came to know him well. We have also come to know  his parents Hamlet and Kalene Kabushenga. His grandmother was prominent in politics and a personal friend of the president. So 2,000 to 3,000 people attended the service. It took place at her home-way up a hillside out of Kanungu. It was amazing to watch.  They fed everyone - beef, matoke, rice, peanut sauce and beans. No silverware around. So we ate Uganda style with fingers! People everywhere. The prime minister helicoptered in . We were seated directly behind the prime minister and the cabinet members. A five hour service cut short because the helicopter couldn't fly after dark.
Hamlet leading the service.

Women of the family placing wreathes

The remaining children

Gerald's mom (on the right ) speaking

The prime minister reading a letter from the President

Watching the helicopter leave

The LONG BUMPY road back to Kabale

Saurday we attended a wedding reception for Judith, a friend of ours. She is
now an Anglican reverend.

The cakes

We visited Emily in her home. Her faith in God is very strong in the midst
of extreme difficulty.

Prosse-whom we also prayed with. She was not a believer and wanted peace.

Bungongi area where these ladies live.

Children everywhere

Sunday we went to two different churches. This is Soulwinner with Pastor Victor.
This is the Rwandese choir singing in their language. Beautiful!

The other choir singing in Rusiga.

Presenting a gift for the most fundraising

Sunday evening took Wilbur's and Brian to the lake