Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back "Home"

We are home! And yet we left part of ourselves behind in each place we went.Our return flights home were very uneventful-just walking past rows and rows of people still sitting and waiting.We know different ones who have waited 10 days for flights home.
When you arrive back home there is always the thinking it over,the questions , the pondering and the absolute awe of our Lord and His work around the world.And the nights of readjusting your inner clock-which is why I am up at 3 a.m!
Our last few days in Kisumu,Kenya with Steve and Dianne Warn were busy from morning to night.We have always looked forward to reading their newsletter but seeing their ministry firsthand gives a whole new appreciation for it.They have a drop-in center and home for street boys. What this actually means is they are involved with these boys from morning to night. These boys can be as young as 8 years old and living on their own.Agape provides a place to come,play ball, eat, wash your clothes, have someone to talk to and hear about Jesus. There is always some one sick, someone who needs to talk about their life,help with school work,etc.Tracy spent a lot of his time playing basketball and sharing the Word.I got the job of mending-these boys would strip down a lot of times to their underwear while I tried to sew their one set of clothes back together.They would have pants that were 4 sizes too big and I tried to make them fit.There is such a sweetness and fun spirit to many of these boys but yet they have seen much.Glue-sniffing is such a problem here. It helps with the hunger and feeling warm at night.There is certain days and hours for certain things at the center but yet it is beyond full time as they try to meet the many needs. There is some great young men (3 Kenyans and 1 American) who help out also. There is also a school connected when they move on in the program.So pray for Steves- they are impacting their world for Christ.
We were able to spend some time in fellowship with Steves.We went to Lake Victoria and ate whole talapia,went to church, spent evenings in Bible Study,and Diane and I even helped a young mother go through labor and delivery!A long story but God's grace shown through once again.
Our trip is officially over but yet will live on.We are just struck by the faith and dedication of so many people doing so much in the kingdom of God.We met people from Australia, Britain, America, Germany ,and many other places just spending their days doing often times menial and unrewarding tasks(by the world's standards) for the benefit of others and just being obedient to His call.
"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts,to which also you were called in one body,and be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom,teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatever you do in word or deed ,do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Colossians 3:15-17.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We are on the way

Here we go-We found out we can leave so PRAISE THE LORD!but pray for all the people still stranded.I feel a little guilty!So pray for us and see everyone soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pray for us

Here we are -once again in the land of the unknown and uncertainty!Amazing how often our Lord brings us here.We are in Kisumu with Steve and Dianne Warn not knowing when we will arrive home! The power of God as in a volcano has disrupted man's plans all over the world!So we are calling, e-mailing,checking web sites, and hearing many different stories.We might be able to go to Nairobi but not London or London but not S.F. so...we are trying to wait patiently!There are many people with urgent travel needs,sleeping in airports,and having no information so...we cannot complain.But we are very travel weary and ready to be home. So we are in need of His patience and His peace because we don't have much of our own!

Friday, April 16, 2010


It's been a day of hurry and wait,lost bags,overweight charges that because of a computer glitch were dropped,bumpy bumpy landing through the fog(trying not to think about the Polish plane) and sitting in airports! But we are looking forward to our small retreat with Steve and Dianne Warn in Kisumu ,Kenya. Because of the volcanic ash we would not be able to fly on our original plans anyway. So here we are!
The good-byes were said and we traveled to Kigali,Rwanda.Once again the stark reality of the genocide was very apparent.This is the time of year they commemorate it.Many groups from America,etc were there. Charles and a friend Richard took us to a beautiful lake. Then he told us the story of his niece who had lived there.She was 6 years old and watched her parents and 3 siblings taken away.She escaped with her brother only to watch him killed with a machete.She then traveled and hid with people she did not know.They traveled hundreds of miles to the Congo on foot where Charles found her 2 years later and then raised her.Everyone in Rwanda has a story and a lot won't talk about it. They are trying to move on.Only by God's grace....
Please pray for us.We are a little travel weary and ready to see everyone at home!But the opportunities and experiences will be pondered for a long time!

Monday, April 12, 2010

God Be With You Til We Meet Again

We have experienced the farewell service at Kabale Trinity College many times now.There is always many skits,songs about us,dancing, and singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" in Rushika and English. You would think that it would become old hat.But..everytime our hearts are torn in two and the tears flow!We find ourselves with two homes on opposite continents and at the same time not ever quite at home on this earth!This last Sunday was our last chapel service and we were blessed to witness 24 young students come forward and accept Christ.A young minister Dr. Timothy and Tracy shared the service.We have spent the last 2 days talking to many students,telling many of our friends at the shops and in town good-bye,hanging out with the teachers, and looking forward to seeing everyone at home!We see so many people in both places with such a sincere desire to serve God in a very self-sacrificing way.
Today we are to go to Akanajuka and have a workshop with their staff.Then dinner with Joab's and more good-byes to Brian,our friends on the White Horse Staff and others.Tomorrow-Kigali.Friday -Kisumu, Kenya with Steve and Dianne Warn.We are very much looking forward to fellowshipping with them. So we do desire your prayers as we move on in Him!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Land of Contrasts

Everyday you are hit with the contrasts in Africa. The frustrations are always there-the power going off-the internet working seldom-driving from one huge pothole to another-going to 4 petrol stations before finding gas for $2 a liter-waiting 2 hours for a well done pizza-many meetings,committees,planning but no organization-everything we own is covered with dirt and has a distinct aroma!But then you are blown away by the smiles, the joy and gratitude and the spiritual eyes we see opened. When we look up at the hills we realize we are in one of the most beautiful places on earth(on this continent anyway!) and people here just accept this as life .So we do ,too!! Just this morning in the office as we were dealing with some things of life-a young girl stopped by to talk.She had lost her parents at age 8 and her grandparents at age 9 so was on her own. She visited Revival Tabernacle and found Jesus.She said-everything was taken from me so I could find Him! Wow!
One of the things we have enjoyed this trip is seeing young men and women from years past grow up and become teachers,business people and mothers. Many of the young teachers attended KTC when we first started coming here.We get many questions about Luke, Chad, Todd, and Lewis and also many of the youth that came in 2004. Your impact has not been forgotten!
We helped with a teacher workshop on Monday then the teachers had Lunch at a restaurant within walking distant.This was provided by those at home who helped with our coffee fundraiser.Thanks so much!These teachers heaped their plates and enjoyed every moment! On Tuesday Tracy talked to the young men and I talked to the young girls. Not surprisingly, many of their questions deal with boy-girl relationships! These are strictly forbidden at the school but are still very much on their minds.
After morning classes yesterday we went to visit Jackson and family.After some challenges they had to move back to his home village where his parents live. He commutes to work at the White Horse. Another amazing story of hardship and God's grace!We got to see Jackson,Kate ,Derrik,Tracy and help name the new baby "Alinda Grace".She was born in a vehicle on the way to the hospital on March 6. Then all the relatives showed up to greet us.
Jackson took us high on a hiill to view Rwanda, Congo,Lake Bunyoni , and the volcanos.All this area plays a part in the genocide history of Rwanda.The troops were often stationed here.
Our time here is winding down-one more week.Just as at home we have experienced times of confirmation and purpose and times of questioning.And just as at home-our God has carried us through and shown His light in every situation! Praise Him!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Have a Blessed Easter!

" That I may know Him and the power off His resurrection"-This our prayer for everyone worldwide today.
This was to be a day of great worship and celebration.We were to attend a joyous church celebration with Joab and Connie, then have dinner at Lake Bunyoni with them to celebrate our 34th anniversary.Instead we had a quiet morning of wrestling with various stomach ailments.Must have had a bad burrito somewhere!In all our trips to Africa this is the first time this has happened so we are grateful.Joab,Connie,Joanna, and Tracy all went to the lake this afternoon so-Here I am!I am feeling much better now after several naps.
We have been very busy these last few days.Tracy has been teaching 2 classes a day usually in Christian Religious Eduation and We usually spend much of the day attending student fellowships,watching football games of the students,visiting with the teachers, and meeting friends for dinner.We attended a 5 hour Good Friday service where the students had a part,then a 5 hour wedding reception for Wycliffe and bride.We attended with Vian and his girlfriend Evelyn.Very interesting!And as it was all in their native tongue-Rikuga-very long!Then a great supper and discussion with Vian and Evelyn.
To all my friends on facebook-thanks for your messages!For some reason I am not able to respond on facebook.The internet must be weak or something!Susanna-we finally saw Edith yesterday!I had never known that Olivia the teacher was her sister.She is doing well and sends her love.
Tomorrow is a teacher workshop and luncheon.Then we will spend part of Tuesday with Brian(one of our students)School resumes on Wednesday.
Blessings to all at home.We are having an amazing time but will be glad to put our feet on U.S. soil!