Friday, April 10, 2015

Church on the Hill

On Wednesday we traveled up a muddy path to a small Full Gospel church just out of Kabale. We enjoyed great fellowship with Pastor Menard  and the group of people there. This is where Spenser now helps out. Spenser is a dear friend who Wilbur and Tracy baptized a few years back. A great day of worship and praise! This was followed by a meal of rice, goat stew, bread and tea at the pastor's home. Then we tried to get down the slippery path before dark!

Clearing the path before us.

The way across

The pastor insisted I wear his very large "gum boots"!

Spenser dancing

Children dancing the traditional dance

Medius coming up to the pastor's home

Spenser and Charity, Pastor Medard and his wife, Tracy and I, Wilbur and Medius

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