Saturday, December 10, 2016

God is good - all the time!

A few of the places we have been- and the people we have seen!
Hauled many pounds of Irish(potatoes) up the hill to plant.

The path to the potato plot - over the barbed wire fence.....through
the wild!

Planting the Irish On a beautiful hillside!

Filling their baskets

Dropping sprouted potatoes in the holes.

Another view of Lake Bunyoni with a young lady from
Colorado Springs we met.

Mizwa and Kunda- some of our Ugandan grandchildren

Praising the Lord!

Happy to be meeting in a small shed at the church site.

Traveled to Kinunga overnite. Seeing our friend Gerald's coffee

Coffee Berries

Coffee drying on racks.

Kinungu is beautiful. It is more of a jungle feel and close
to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Coffee Huller

Meeting with a group of Free Methodist pastors

Gerald's parents- Hamlet and Kellen

Claude , a street boy has followed us all over town and followed
Us in church- Tracy and Wilbur praying for him.

God is good- all the time!

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