Tuesday, November 15, 2011

God Sleeps In Rwanda

   There is an old Rwandan saying "God goes elsewhere during the day but returns to Rwanda to sleep at night."  While we may not agree with the theology (God never slumbers) I definitely understand the sentiment.  Every time we return we are awestruck by the beauty of this small country. And following closely behind-  the heartache oof the beautiful people here.  Seventeen years ago, one of the most atrocious genocides in history was carried out in this country. Around 1 million people were killed in 90 days. Many by their neighbors and friends. You see many people with missing limbs, many with large machete wounds, and many haunted looks.  But at the same time you hear much about peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness. We know this is only possible through Christ.  God is at work in Rwanda.
   We were met at the Kigali airport by our friend Charles and taken to the now familiar guest house.  After different flights and 21 hours in the air- we were exhausted so had supper and headed to bed. However our bodies didn't know what time zone we were in and we both laid awake all night!
    The next morning we headed for the farm.  We were joined by one of Charles' twin daughters. Kaleen- a beautiful 16 year old. Charles has  an amazing story. He lost around 60 members of his family in the genocide.Many in the area of the coffee farm. He could not return there for many years.  Around 3 years ago Tracy and Charles decided to clear the land and plant coffee here.  It is slowly becoming a place of redemption and hope instead of sorrow.

   When we arrived at the farm- it was such a peace to see what God is accomplishing in each of our lives near and far to bring His joy, His peace, and dependence on Him out of circumstances and pain we do not understand.
  We were soon joined by the neighbors and entertained with song and dance by the children.  Its amazing how those who have so little can be so happy. Charles, godparents live nearby and are very dear people. They scolded me for always taking their picture and never bringing them any.  So I am looking all over Kabale for a place to develop pictures! 

  This hillside place in Rwanda is so amazing.  I wish everyone could experience it with us.  I even picked out our retirement home!  But then I realized our children and grandchildren were far away. And so I am content to visit when we are able!
   We had Bible study  that evening with friends and continued in the next day after church to Uganda to be met at the border by Joab and Connie.  We will continue with the Uganda side next time. We thank God for the prayers in our behalf and for His work  that is going on around the world.

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