Friday, March 28, 2014

An Unexpected Day in the Big Apple

Well, we got on the plane at SFO, got off again after a smoke smell, sat in the terminal again and finally left 3 hours late,  missing our flight in Newark to Brussels by a few minutes and no other flight to Belgium for 24 hours- we decided to enjoy the layover! We purchased socks, gloves, and a scarf in the hotel gift shop and along with all the layers we had in our carryons we headed out to see New York in 24 degree weather. It was a beautiful day  and we ran to cover as much ground as we could. Times square, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden and coffee at Macys and of course bought tacky T- shirts!! We had nice flights to Brussels and Kigali, Rwanda and were very glad to get out of the clothes we had worn for three days! We will travel to Kabale, Uganda tomorrow and will stay there for a month. We look forward to settling in and just resting in what God has for each of us.
Are we having fun yet?

Statue of Liberty in the distance
Paying $35 for tickets we could have bought inside for $27.

Empire State Building

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