Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rainy Day in Kabale

It's a cold rainy day in Kabale, Uganda! We have spent the day at KTC and it has rained almost all day. Kabale Trinity College is where we first came 10 years ago. It is a very well ran Christ based high school.This is where most of our friendships and ministry opportunities have sprang from. We have watched many of the students grow up and now enjoy visiting their churches, homes, businesses etc. The 1500 students love to worship- vibrantly, loudly, enthusiastically. After a 4 hour Sunday morning service they went back for a 3 hour worship service with many decisions for Christ. Tracy shared the morning service with a young teacher Julius.

We left the morning service to go to Pastor Wilbur's church to dedicate 8 day old Soverine Answer,  Wilbur and Medius' daughter. Wilbur and Medius were students when we first came. They have a very small church, Church of Jesus Christ Kabale. This is where we will spend a lot of our time.

This is outside our room in a downpour. Our hotel-WHITE HORSE INN is an oasis at the end of the day from the streets of Kabale.
Looking toward town.
Streets of Kabale
T\he tea lady at the school-We are always glad to see each other!
The student fellowship at lunch.

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