Sunday, May 3, 2015

Farewell to Africa

Another busy final week in Kabale town. We had good byes , a day in the villages, and an overnight at Lake Bunyoni. Then on Friday we traveled to Kigali, Rwanda and are now waiting for our taxi for the airport. Tracy preached at the Presbyterian church this morning. We are pondering the many ways we have seen God at work, are extremely tired and fighting a few minor bugs, and very ready to arrive home.

Pastor Wilbur's new Ministry wheels

Tuesday we stopped and visited Irene, a lady we met at church. She is raising
3 grandchildren whose father is in prison. Her faith in God providing for them
was so solid and she shared scriptures God has given her over the years.

We then traveled to a village Kigata out of Kabale. Way up a hill of course!
Angela, the pastor had African tea and bread ready for us. The church is
a work in process. First we got sunburned-then rained upon!! A great time
of worship.

We spent our last night in Uganda at the Birdsnest Resort at Lake Bunyoni
and did not much but enjoy the view! This resort has interesting history
concerning Idi Amin. The people around the lake use dugout canoes for
transport so we took a turn. Not quite as easy as it looks!

The resort

Room with a view

Julius, a teacher and friend helped us navigate the many
steps of the Uganda-Rwanda border. So much paperwork!
Then left us at the Heaven Inn and Restaurant. A great
place in Kigali ran by Americans.


Tracy visited our coffee in Karama village with Michael
and Charles on Saturday.

The godmother and Michael

Martin's family

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