Saturday, November 12, 2016

Our first week in Africa

We left home one week ago and it has been a busy good week. We have not minded missing Election week in the USA- just realize how much we are all in need of falling at the feet of Jesus.  We traveled with our friend Julius  from Kigali Rwanda to Kabale, Uganda through the Virunga Mountains seeing new places and beautiful scenery.
A baboon along the road

We visited Rosamund Carr's pyrethrum flower plantation- a very interesting place of an American woman who lived in Rwanda most of her life( her book is "Land of a Thousand Hills- my life in Rwanda" ) . She was a very gracious woman whose life intersected with many interesting people including Dian Fossey( Gorillas in the Mist). After the Rwandan genocide she started an orphanage at age 82. We were honored to have lunch in the dining room at Mugongo, her home.
The Living room


Out the dining window

The Virunga Volcanic Mountains in the background

We then traveled to Kisengi,Rwanda to visit UCC -a center for handicapped students and adults. This was started by Zacharie and Frederick. Zacharie was a teacher at Madame Carr's orphanage and Frederick came there after having both hands cut off in the aftermath of the genocide.( Another book tells his story-Frederick - a Story of Boundless Hope)
We were late getting to UCC due to a police stop and an accident blocking the road so most of the
Students had left. But this girl with Downs found us and we received many many hugs!

Zacharie,myself and Frederick

This is an amazing man - instead of becoming bitter he has moved on to being independent and
helping others. This is a picture he painted.
We crossed the border close to Kisoro and stopped to see friends at Muhabura Shine School and enjoyed tea.
We arrived in Kabale Tuesday evening and have been busy getting things set up - internet, cell phone etc. Never easy! We enjoyed fellowship with Pastor Wilbur and Medius at their home then at their Wednesday nite church service. Tracy has been doing The radio at the 9pm slot.

Friday we had an incredible day. We traveled to Ankole College in Rubaare, about an hour away to visit a school started by Enock- a young man we have watched grow up in Uganda. He became involved with him many years ago at KTC. He was a brilliant engineering student who our son Lewis and our family became involved with. He suffered many hardships growing up and wanted to help other young people. This town had no secondary school before. There is now around 130 Students.
Our welcoming committee clear out at the road.

We had several hours of dancing , singing, and speeches- a wonderful day!

Emmanuel- Enock's partner in the school- a very dedicated young man.

Enock and Tracy

Praying with the teachers

Enock and Brian
This has been our first week in Africa. We miss everyone  but are looking 
forward to seeing what God has for us here in Kabale and for you at home.

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