Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Moving on!!

Back to Rwanda
We had a great little journey to Rwanda.  Just a few minor delays on the way and Tracy drove like a pro!!  Was really great to see Ben's- we had so much to share we probably overwhelmed them. We spent the day at the farm then some genocide sites.  I didn't post any pictures of those.  When you see where 5000 people were killed in a church where they fled for refuge- there is no words.  You see the ugliness of man and just have to rest in the goodness of God.
Charles showing us where he hid during the genocide in Rwanda
It takes a village!
Proud coffee growers

Cassava which grows along with the coffee

Looking across from the White Horse to Kabale Trinity College
Vian's family
We sat out here and watched the sun go down the last night in Kabale. This beautiful place is hard to leave but home sounds very good!
Off to the big city of Kampala but that's another time!

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