Saturday, December 3, 2011

Continued !!

Jackson's parents
The kids and their cousins wrote and sang a song for us!

Kate and Alinda who was scared to death of the Muzungas
Tracy and Tracy
Wednesday -We attended early morning chapel at Bishop Barnum University then traveled up the muddy road to Jackson's home.

Thursday- We went on a very rainy day up to a village Bucundura way up in the hills. Had a great service but had some adventures on the way home.

You are always served African Tea

And usually you are served a meal- matoke, goat stew, rice and peanut sauce

Mud Mud Mud

This was taken before it was head to toe!!

Friday- We slept in, I had lunch with Olive- a good friend and went to market.

Peeling grasshoppers to sell- A delicacy here

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