Thursday, December 1, 2011

God is good-All the Time

    The part of Africa I love best is when we get out of town into the villages here and see people living by faith because they have nothing. We have been meeting with pastors and holding services literally in the middle of the jungle!!  Many of these pastors do not even have Bibles. Thanks to friends at home we are helping provide some. It has rained more in the last 24 hours than I have ever seen! We have  slid down hills in the car and on foot!! But we have seen a great God at work here in many people here in Uganda. These are some pictures of some of our time this week. More later when the power and wi-fi both come at the same time!!

Sunday-we worshiped at Lift Up Jesus Church. This church has a tremendous outreach in Kabale. They take in street kids,abandoned babies, an outreach to the Muslims, and on Christmas Day they feed 6000 people. Tracy spoke twice at a 6 hour service.  We were joined by a Romanian team who is building a radio station at the church. The picture above is Peter and his family at their home.We spent the day with them, at church and for dinner.

The Worship(and I mean worship!) team

Having tea with Pastor Kiiza and his wife Margaret

The Romanian Group  singing
 Monday- There is a joke in the teacher's room that we only show up for tea. With school finished, that is probably true! Then Collins, another teacher took us to Emmaus  Bible School ran by some Americans- Bob and Susan Cullens. Their picture rearranged to the bottom.Tracy arrived in time to help set some rafters. An amazing work going on in Kabale.They have basic Bible lessons available to students and alsoa church and youth center. They are from Minnesota and have been here for 22 years. We had dinner with them tonight and found real kindred spirits in each other.

   Tuesday we traveled up in a village to meet with pastors and church leaders. A great day of  fellowship. Then a time of questions and answers. Things like marriage issues, family planning, Bible questions,etc!! They are very serious about their faith.

Bob and Susan Cullens and Collins

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