Friday, April 18, 2014

Life In the Village

This was a busy rainy week with many plans made- many plans changed and going some amazing places. These first pictures are of visiting Jackson's family and church. Way up a slippery dirt road  with a spectacular view.

Dancing, of course!

I loved where the children sat.

Children Everywhere

Around 50 people at Jackson's- eating everywhere.

Jackson's Parents

Jackson's Family

Tracy and Tracy

I visited Gode (the tea lady at KTC) and her 90+ mother. They are eating Blue Diamond Almonds!

Good Friday march thru Kabale

Freedom Radio Every Sunday and Wednesday

This is the Anglican Church where we spent Good Friday way up in another village.
We had to walk way down because the car wouldn't make it! Sometimes I can't even believe
The places we get to visit. Beautiful scenery, friendly people that love to worship the Lord.
This is the village Wilbur grew up in. Very hard to get to!

New Friends

The Path Down

Elijah was very busy!

Some of the offering and tithes- Pumpkins, eggplants, sugar cane, avocados.

Singing together after church


Wilbur, Medius, Elijah and Soverine

Tomorrow we leave for Kasese to spend Easter weekend with Joab and Connie, and Vian
And Evelyn. HE IS RISEN!!!!- Let's celebrate the empty tomb and the risen Christ.

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