Saturday, April 12, 2014


This picture moved on me! This a dear lady we met in the village.

This one moved also! These 2 little boys walking alone to school were terrified of the Muzungas. (whites)!

      These are a few pictures of our week. We are sitting in our hotel room waiting for the rain to stop to head  back up to Spenser's village. It has been dumping rain for most of the last 24 hours. We were able to rent this 4 wheel drive vehicle that has been a lifesaver.  Just as at home
 Our week has been comprised of seeing God at work in a mighty way shortly followed by frustrations, plans not working out, and delays. We are constantly reminded by how weak we are and how much we are in need of His life within to carry us through.  


Walking in the mud to see where our friend Collins wants to move his nursery school

Kids at the nursery school singing praises

We found a local place we can eat beef and chips for $3.20 for both of us with drinks!!

More children


Some one has purchased 8 times in April for Pastor Wilbur and Tracy to be on the radio. I even had to do my 2 minutes! This is Pastor Wilbur and his wife Medius.

The Students at their noontime fellowship. They give up 30 minutes of their lunch to worship.

This is one of the miracles we have seen- last year Wilbur's school was struggling, meeting in small rented spaces
with 270 students with very few paying ones. This very poor community WAY up in a village came together
and gave land, very primitive materials and labor. Wilbur and Medius sold a small piece of land they had inherited
To help.  This all was done without help from the outside. They have 450 students- 200 of them orphans. People in
The community house and help feed the orphans. Almost every family we know here has someone they have
taken in.  Wilbur's have 7 extra people staying with them.


The School

View out the open window 

Happy Children

450 of them!

Of course we sing and dance!!

Little boys carrying the big pot their lunch was in.

We traveled up to Spenser's village to spread the gospel. Spenser was baptized when we
were here last year and has suffered greatly for it. This is an area very heavy into witchcraft and devil
Worship. And also the beauty of God's creation here takes your breath away.

Wherever you go you are served "Tea and a Slice(of white bread)"

We went door to door encouraging and praying for people. This man had an incredible testimony.

Small boys playing

This old man wanted to follow Jesus. He had been into devil worship and also has 4 wives. One of
Them followed us and wants to know more about Jesus.

More Tea and Bread!!

There was a shrine here for devil worship someone had burnt.

More neighbors keep showing up.

We walked for miles (it seemed like) up and down these hills. Had young people from the
Church with us.

Growing Beans.

Spenser's Home

Served another good meal- avocado, slaw, rice, beans, peanut sauce, matoke(cooked bananas) , posh.

Open Air Preaching and Praising between the Rain

Little girl at the school

This is Edith, a friend we have known for 10 years. She has faced many challenges but God is at work in her life!

At the open air meetings. Tracy added the pictures of me because I don't ever like putting any up!

It is still pouring rain. We are deciding whether to head up one of the worst dirt roads we have seen in this
Weather.  We are a little homesick today. It seems like we are so far away from home. We have been in
prayer this morning for 2 dear friends, Kathleen and Joanne that are facing serious illnesses and are in need of our Lord's Healing Touch. We have also cried and rejoiced with the Conways as our friend Susan is now safe
In the arms of Jesus. May we all rejoice as we see our Lord in all that comes into our life.  HE

 "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that
You may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;
1 Peter 2:9

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