Thursday, November 17, 2016

Settling in at Kabale, Uganda

We have been settling in once again in Kabale, Uganda. This is a small town in SW Uganda near the Rwandan border. It is surrounded by beautiful hills and filled with beautiful people. We came here first in 2004 and it has been part of our lives and hearts since. We started by coming to know Joab, the director of Kabale Trinity College( 6 year high school). Over the years we have watched many young people grow up through KTC and move on with their lives and vocations. We met Pastor Wilbur and Medius in 2004 when we first came when they were KTC students. In 2011 We became reacquainted with them and visited their small church. Since then we have formed a bond with them and spend most of our time with their church, King's Resurrection Centre. They have faced many challenges. They were meeting at a hotel but had been pushed outside on a small porch.  The week we arrived an opportunity came to meet on some open land. So this has been a week of praise, construction, and preparation. We are holding a pastor's conference here this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So it has been exciting to see all the church people coming together to work and praise.
Pastor Wilbur and Tracy at Wednesday night Service

The Children Worshipping

Medius leading worship

The Women's Choir

These are very large Ugandan Cranes we see on our cool foggy morning walks.

The land where the church is moving

The platform- notice the plumb line made of tree bark.

The carpentry team- yes, that is a storm coming! In a few minutes  it was dumping.

Went to KTC for lunch- poshe, sweet potatoes and beans- very good

We held Wednesday night praise here- the first on the new place- the pulpit arriving

Thanking the Lord for new opportunities and dedicating this place to the Lord

This young man lived close and came to see what was happening . He ended up being a big
Help with construction and came and told us he wanted to be saved. PTL!!
I had more pictures but this is all the blog will allow me to load so I will load them on another blog post.

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