Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Other Photos

More Praise!

They were excited to be meeting in the new place!

The church has 3 radio spots for 45 minutes each on the local radio. So We have been taking the 9pm slot
With Wilbur translating.

Common Street Scene

Ran into Joab's wife, Connie at the market. She works in Rushere. Was so
Good to see her.

Kabale Market

Dried Fish

Meat  Market

This is our home for a month at the White Horse Inn.  Yes,
We have it nice here! A good place of refuge after busy days!

The kitchen/ laundry/ storage room- so thankful for this room

The view out our back door.

Beautiful garden to study in.

This is a small glimpse of our time in Uganda. Thank you for your prayers!

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