Friday, January 30, 2009


This will be posted very fast so excuse any mistakes. we have been trying to post for 3 days. twice i have written whole posts and had power failures on last sentences.after checking 5 different places today we found one that works.Praise the Lord!!!!
We arrived in kigali and hit the ground running.after a quick-1 1/2 hr lunch we traveled over bumpy dirt roads around 50 minutes out of kigali to meet up with the Gideons.They are conducting a blitz in Rwanda.We were able to go and hand out several hundred Bibles at a school.The children were so eager and receptive.The teachers were given Bibles and started reading right away.It was so amazing to have dear friends-Joab from Uganda-Charles from Rwanda-Terry Boone and Tracy from Modesto all passing out Bibles together.
Then our first shower in 3 days.AHHH.
On to Kabale thru the most beautiful countryside we have ever seen.You almost forget all the heartache that has happened here in Rwanda.
A quick stop to see Connie at the bank.Then on to HOME away from home-White horse Inn.
will try to post pictures tomorrow.
Thanks for all your prayers and support.We have had a few moments of wondering what we are doing so far from home.Many others have shared the gospel here and are doing so now.The answer we have been given.NOW is the time for YOU to share the Christ that dwells within.

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