Monday, January 26, 2009


Here we are in the Kenya airport,waiting for the last leg of our journey to Kigali.We left home approximately 24 hrs ago on Sunday evening but in Kenya its Tuesday morn at 8:00.In London its 5:00 and in Kigali its 9:00am.No wonder we are a little confused!!When we get to Kabale just add 11 hours to California.!12 noon is 11 pmWe have had a rather unremarkable trip. Good flights lots of room good food good company.A liitle excitement on our flight as a Iranian British Italian girl sitting next to us was sure her money belt and passport was stolen.after involving many people and no small stir she found it--in her backpack!!
As our trip progresses we are very much as white Americans becoming a minority.Its just awesome to see God's creation walk by.We are amazed to find ourselves once again in Africa. The scary thing is we feel much at home!!WE are looking forward to getting to Kabale and seeing what God has for us to learn.

We love and miss everyone Tracy and Mary

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  1. Hey, nice blog! You are so advanced. Hope you are having a great time, we are doing good here. Nothing exciting to report. Love ya, Jared, Jessica, Gavin and Baby