Friday, January 30, 2009

At home in Kabale

the last one posted so I will try again.
Tracy and I have walked miles in Kabale the last few days.down the hill up the hill down the hill.
This is a beautiful area but not a beautiful town!!!Ugandas are very polite soft spoken friendly people. everyone in town comes up and talks.
Tracy has conducted a seminar at the Kabale Trinity college the last two days.About 25 of the staff attended. they are very attentive and asked a lot of questions.Then lunch of goat,matoke(cooked bananas) and poshe(corn) very good no spoons just fingers!!!Today we came into town and had lunch at the little ritz restaurant. we are preparing to walk back up the hill to have dinner with Brian-one of our sponsered students.joab has been very busy registering students so we have been on our own.We have had a lot of fun in town.We will get to spend the weekend with Joab and Connie-traveling to his parents and the school farm.

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