Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here we go

No Turning back!The morning of January 25th has dawned(very early)and we are filled with alternating moments of joy and trepidation.This last month we have seen Gods hand in so many ways in bringing this journey about.And all too quickly we have doubted.A burden for people in Africa is on our hearts in a way we don't even understand.
We will go to church this morning and then have lunch with our children.Then around 3 :00 we'll be headed to S.F.Then a 10 hr flight to
London,5 hrs in airport,10 hrs to Kenya,5 hrs in Narobi airport,2 hrs on to Kigali where hopefully Terry Boone,Charles, and Joab will meet us.We will be crossing Ben and Tami somewhere in the air around London.we have enjoyed their messages from Uganda-like bring ponchos and boots!We are looking forward to sharing our trips together.
We desire your prayers for traveling mercies.We will be arriving Kigali tuesday afternoon(11 hrs ahead of home).We want to be found in His will and want His name to be glorified.

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  1. We will be praying for you guys...wanted to talk to you yesterday to let you know we would be thinking of you but somehow it didn't happen. Can't wait to see your posts of what all God is doing with you guys there!