Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At Home-Away from Home

Our time in Kabale has come to an end.We are leaving in the morning for Rwanda.We miss everyone at home so much but there will be an empty place in our hearts for the people we love here.We are placing in God's hands our future involvement here at Kabale Trinity College.We have spent the last 2 weeks getting to know so many people.They have faced so many more trials in life than we have.

Just a few examples-

1.A young man who has lost both parents to AIDS.He is also positive.People tell him he is worthless.He lives with an uncle who tells him one meal a day is enough.

2.A young girl who testified in the chapel yesterday was an orphan.The aunt that was raising her and 4 other family members were killed in an accident.She was praising God for help with her school fees.

3.A young man lost parents in the Rwandan genocide and lived on the street from age 5 to age 8.
Someone found him and paid for him to go to school.

4.A young man whose father had 2 wives told us of hiding from place to place in the genocide.One night they hid in a church and left.The next day everyone there was killed.

This is just everyday life for a lot of them.Just having food for the day is a blessing.

Charles will be at the border tomorrow and we will be going to Kigali.We have plans to travel to Lake Kivu,hold 2 Bible Studies,Tracy will be preaching at Charles church Sunday morning and whatever else charles has planned.I am not sure if I can post in Kigali .Thanks for all your prayers.Home is looking nearer and dearer all the time.

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  1. Dear friends,
    We are faithfully praying for you--praising Him for your time in Kabale and trusting Hime for your time with Charles in Rwanda. Thank you for the personnal sacrifices you have made and you willingness to serve Him when and where He calls you.
    We love you,
    Mark and Kathleen