Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Last Days

We are waiting to be picked up for the airport.Ready to go and yet reluctant.We have had some incredible adventures these last few days. I'll list just a few.

1. Saturday morning Tracy and Charles went back to the farm.I was to go to work with Josephine which I was not looking forward to.We are great friends but she speaks no English and I speak no French!!God had yet another lesson to teach me.She works with AIDS orphans.On Saturdays they conduct Bible classes for 60 kids.I peeled potatoes for 2 hours with 5 Rwandan women who spoke no English.We had the best time.Half the time I think they were laughing at me!Just like at home women love to fellowship over food.Then we sang and danced for 2 hours with the children.A youth group from Norway showed up to help.More fellowship.A great day!

2.Sunday morning we attended services at the Presbyterian church with Charles and family at 9:00.We sang familiar tunes in French.We communed with them(white bread and apple juice).We were hugged by everyone there.Then Tracy spoke at 11:00 English service.People from all over the world who are living in Kigali come to this .Great fellowship.They use the same hymnal we do at BCF.God's world is so big.

3.Sunday afternoon we went not far(this is Charles uniform answer for how far something is!)2 hours to a village where Charles was to represent the bride's family to allow a couple to start preparing for marriage.Negotiations between the brides and grooms family.Great food and very interesting.

4.Supper and worship last nite at Charles'. More good food.We were served pasta and sauce similar to home.Charles and Josephine have 4 of their own children and have raised around 9 other orphans from the genocide.Worship in French and English. Singing "God be with you 'til we meet again" in 2 languages.

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