Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Life is looking good.With 11 hours of sleep and umbrellas and jackets all is well.Tracy and I have an amazing trip.The last few days we have been in waiting mode but things are picking up.We have been able to spend time with people in the town and visit with other Americans around.Life in Africa is just hard.Always power issues,transportation issues,money issues.Today we are going to Jacksons home village.Jackson is the father of small Tracy.Then tomorrow we are shopping for the medical supplies for the school.Thanks for all those who helped with that.Tomorrow afternoon I will be speaking to around 400 of the girls at the school.Please pray for me.Then we will be meeting at various times with the teachers and the students .then they are also ready for Tracy to teach classes.We are praying for times to share Christ.We spent a big part of the day yesterday talking with students and teachers.we talked with Lubbex one of our sponsored students.We met nathans sponsored student-top in the school.He was very grateful.I will post while everythings working and then try pictures.Thanks for your prayers

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  1. Mom, praying your talk at the school later today (tomorrow)!