Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life at Kabale Trinity College

For some reason i am not able to publish text and pictures together anymore.No Justin I dont know what I am doing different.Its hard to have your tech guy so many miles away.
things are going well we have spent a lot of time getting to know the staff and students these last few days.They really open up.Some amazing lives. when I have more time I might tell some of their stories.Serving the Lord is paramount here.

Iwill explain the last group of pictures.

1. One of the teachers eating lunch-beans and poshe

2. the sponsored students-we met with them yesterday.Never doubt your sponsorship. They all told their stories.they pray for their sponsors daily.

3.students arriving at school

4.Olive the school nurse and I waiting and waiting for the medical supplies to be packed.
Olive and I are the same age and have a special relationship.We pray for each others children.When she saw me this time she said"Mary you look so good.You have grown quite fat."
I think that was a compliment!!!
2 hours on the computer time to go.Tracy is in the coffee shop pictured.

God bless Everyone!

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  1. Serving the Lord should be paramount here too, but------- i am glad we can say we do. PTL
    Thanks for the update !
    Bruce & Carla