Friday, April 16, 2010


It's been a day of hurry and wait,lost bags,overweight charges that because of a computer glitch were dropped,bumpy bumpy landing through the fog(trying not to think about the Polish plane) and sitting in airports! But we are looking forward to our small retreat with Steve and Dianne Warn in Kisumu ,Kenya. Because of the volcanic ash we would not be able to fly on our original plans anyway. So here we are!
The good-byes were said and we traveled to Kigali,Rwanda.Once again the stark reality of the genocide was very apparent.This is the time of year they commemorate it.Many groups from America,etc were there. Charles and a friend Richard took us to a beautiful lake. Then he told us the story of his niece who had lived there.She was 6 years old and watched her parents and 3 siblings taken away.She escaped with her brother only to watch him killed with a machete.She then traveled and hid with people she did not know.They traveled hundreds of miles to the Congo on foot where Charles found her 2 years later and then raised her.Everyone in Rwanda has a story and a lot won't talk about it. They are trying to move on.Only by God's grace....
Please pray for us.We are a little travel weary and ready to see everyone at home!But the opportunities and experiences will be pondered for a long time!

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