Monday, April 12, 2010

God Be With You Til We Meet Again

We have experienced the farewell service at Kabale Trinity College many times now.There is always many skits,songs about us,dancing, and singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" in Rushika and English. You would think that it would become old hat.But..everytime our hearts are torn in two and the tears flow!We find ourselves with two homes on opposite continents and at the same time not ever quite at home on this earth!This last Sunday was our last chapel service and we were blessed to witness 24 young students come forward and accept Christ.A young minister Dr. Timothy and Tracy shared the service.We have spent the last 2 days talking to many students,telling many of our friends at the shops and in town good-bye,hanging out with the teachers, and looking forward to seeing everyone at home!We see so many people in both places with such a sincere desire to serve God in a very self-sacrificing way.
Today we are to go to Akanajuka and have a workshop with their staff.Then dinner with Joab's and more good-byes to Brian,our friends on the White Horse Staff and others.Tomorrow-Kigali.Friday -Kisumu, Kenya with Steve and Dianne Warn.We are very much looking forward to fellowshipping with them. So we do desire your prayers as we move on in Him!

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