Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Land of Contrasts

Everyday you are hit with the contrasts in Africa. The frustrations are always there-the power going off-the internet working seldom-driving from one huge pothole to another-going to 4 petrol stations before finding gas for $2 a liter-waiting 2 hours for a well done pizza-many meetings,committees,planning but no organization-everything we own is covered with dirt and has a distinct aroma!But then you are blown away by the smiles, the joy and gratitude and the spiritual eyes we see opened. When we look up at the hills we realize we are in one of the most beautiful places on earth(on this continent anyway!) and people here just accept this as life .So we do ,too!! Just this morning in the office as we were dealing with some things of life-a young girl stopped by to talk.She had lost her parents at age 8 and her grandparents at age 9 so was on her own. She visited Revival Tabernacle and found Jesus.She said-everything was taken from me so I could find Him! Wow!
One of the things we have enjoyed this trip is seeing young men and women from years past grow up and become teachers,business people and mothers. Many of the young teachers attended KTC when we first started coming here.We get many questions about Luke, Chad, Todd, and Lewis and also many of the youth that came in 2004. Your impact has not been forgotten!
We helped with a teacher workshop on Monday then the teachers had Lunch at a restaurant within walking distant.This was provided by those at home who helped with our coffee fundraiser.Thanks so much!These teachers heaped their plates and enjoyed every moment! On Tuesday Tracy talked to the young men and I talked to the young girls. Not surprisingly, many of their questions deal with boy-girl relationships! These are strictly forbidden at the school but are still very much on their minds.
After morning classes yesterday we went to visit Jackson and family.After some challenges they had to move back to his home village where his parents live. He commutes to work at the White Horse. Another amazing story of hardship and God's grace!We got to see Jackson,Kate ,Derrik,Tracy and help name the new baby "Alinda Grace".She was born in a vehicle on the way to the hospital on March 6. Then all the relatives showed up to greet us.
Jackson took us high on a hiill to view Rwanda, Congo,Lake Bunyoni , and the volcanos.All this area plays a part in the genocide history of Rwanda.The troops were often stationed here.
Our time here is winding down-one more week.Just as at home we have experienced times of confirmation and purpose and times of questioning.And just as at home-our God has carried us through and shown His light in every situation! Praise Him!

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