Sunday, April 4, 2010

Have a Blessed Easter!

" That I may know Him and the power off His resurrection"-This our prayer for everyone worldwide today.
This was to be a day of great worship and celebration.We were to attend a joyous church celebration with Joab and Connie, then have dinner at Lake Bunyoni with them to celebrate our 34th anniversary.Instead we had a quiet morning of wrestling with various stomach ailments.Must have had a bad burrito somewhere!In all our trips to Africa this is the first time this has happened so we are grateful.Joab,Connie,Joanna, and Tracy all went to the lake this afternoon so-Here I am!I am feeling much better now after several naps.
We have been very busy these last few days.Tracy has been teaching 2 classes a day usually in Christian Religious Eduation and We usually spend much of the day attending student fellowships,watching football games of the students,visiting with the teachers, and meeting friends for dinner.We attended a 5 hour Good Friday service where the students had a part,then a 5 hour wedding reception for Wycliffe and bride.We attended with Vian and his girlfriend Evelyn.Very interesting!And as it was all in their native tongue-Rikuga-very long!Then a great supper and discussion with Vian and Evelyn.
To all my friends on facebook-thanks for your messages!For some reason I am not able to respond on facebook.The internet must be weak or something!Susanna-we finally saw Edith yesterday!I had never known that Olivia the teacher was her sister.She is doing well and sends her love.
Tomorrow is a teacher workshop and luncheon.Then we will spend part of Tuesday with Brian(one of our students)School resumes on Wednesday.
Blessings to all at home.We are having an amazing time but will be glad to put our feet on U.S. soil!

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  1. So good to hear from you. Praying for His blessings on you as you so willingly give of yourselves so others can see Him.