Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our First Week in Kabale

 Welcome to beautiful dirty Kabale

Construction at KTC is almost completed.

 Visiting Peter in his new job at Hope Radio. A team from Romania was building this last visit.

Visiting Peter, Sharon and new baby El Shaddai Benjamin at home.

 We went to see their son Timothy at nursery school.

   We have had a good week. Times of being very busy and times of being slow! We have spent this week getting our schedule made ans meeting up with friends and checking in at Kabale Trinity College. They are still receiving students so are very busy.

 We spent Wednesday evening at Pastor Wilbur's church. There will be services there all next week.
Wilbur and Medius his wife. They were both students our first visit in 2004.

 Visiting Wilbur's home village high in the hills. They have started a nursery-primary school for students that had no other chance.
 Wilbur and his mother.

 Wilbur and son Elijah.
Wilbur and Medius have a pharmacy in this village also.

 We spent today worshipping with the students at the chapel . Tracy and Pastor Kizza shared the service. There were several decisions for Christ.
 Praying after the service.
Chaplain Phillip 
 Favor- the 4 year old daughter  of Bernice the matron.

 Dinner with the teachers
 Goat,matoke, potatoes, green beans, butter beans, fruit and cabbage

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