Monday, February 18, 2013

Wow!! What a week!

 These are just a few happenings of a whirlwind week! Meeting up with Judith a young friend who is going to school to become an Anglican priest. Very enthusiastic-very fun!

 Services every evening at Pastor Wilbur's small church. We love to worship with them. Wilbur and his wife Medius were students at KTC when we came 2004.

 Teacher Maria and her new son. She is married to Nelson -one of the headmasters.
 Bad picture!! This is a new student whose father is blind with no means of income. We took her shopping for the many things she needed.
 Tracy and Wilbur.

 The neighborhood kids show up every service to dance and sing!
 Street scenes of Kabale.

 Street boys looking for lunch.

 Friday we traveled to Kinungu to visit Gerald who attended school in our area.
 Out of order- Elijah(wilburs son) playing with a stick in church.
 The road to Kinungu- we had forgotten in one year just how bumpy it was!
 There was a coffee growers meeting and a coffeemaster from Sacramento held a coffee-cupping where they test different growers coffee.
 Kristen-a friend of Gerald's
 On the way- a flat!
 Eton the coffeemaster.

This was Monday thru Friday. Saturday and Sunday were so full that it will be another post!

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