Thursday, February 7, 2013

On the Road Again

    Here we go again! Always the last minute all night  rush and we begin a journey that is becoming routine.  We were able to spend our last weekend at Pajaro Dunes with the family.

      We were met by Charles in Kigali, Rwanda and headed to the Presbyterian Guest House for much needed sleep.
      The next day we proceeded to the coffee farm high in the mountains. This place always amazes me with its beauty and tragedy. Charles lost many members of his family here in the genocide 18 years ago. Four years ago Charles and Tracy planted coffee plants here and they are producing very well.

    That night we enjoyed dinner with Josephine and Charles. Sunday was a very  busy day for Charles. He was the MC for a large pastor ordination service. We attended the first part of the service-4 and a half hours all in their native language.

 The Pastor's Wives
 Charles the MC

People Everywhere

    Because Charles was very busy he obtained a vehicle and driver to take us to the border. Of course- he spoke no English! We realized he was heading out without our luggage so with much hand gesturing we got him to stop! Then he had never heard of our guest house. And we don't know Kigali well. We finally found a familiar landmark and picked up our luggage.
   Crossing the Rwanda-Uganda border is always a little heart pounding but this time was very interesting. They would not let our driver cross because he had no passport and would not let Joab come over without paying many fees.   Sooo Tracy and I ended up pulling 6 bags between us through No Mans Land!  With armed police and soldiers at both ends. They asked for my passport twice and looked it over very carefully.  Everytime we hit a pothole (there was many) our bags would flip and we would have to regroup. I think the border people were enjoying this very much.
    Finally we  met up with Joab (our dear friend and director of Kabale Trinity College.) He took us directly through the dirty streets of Kabale to the White Horse Inn where the staff has become like family.  They had created a suite for us from 2 rooms and made us a very fine "Home Away from Home".


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