Monday, February 18, 2013

Amazing Grace

Some days in life are so amazing you remember them all your life. Saturday and
Sunday of last week will be some of those.  We started off with coffee with Travis
and Leslie Hines, a young couple from Texas who has lived in Kabale for almost
3 years. They brought 4 young children here and shared with us the joys and      
challenges. They are involved in the Anglican church and Travis teaches at Bishop Barnum University where Brian attended. We met Travis at a chapel
service there. A great time of fellowhip but I forgot to take their picture!        

 We sang "I have decided to follow Jesus" in English-then Rushiga.
 Then we headed way out in the village to baptize a man who became convicted to be baptized as a believer. He had been baptized as an infant. His testimony was very inspiring. We have got to know and love him at the services this week.
 This is the scene all around us.

 The path.
 This is the place where people died recently of the Marburg Virus.There is great debate here that it was witchcraft instead. They had idols in the building below.
 Then we met with the young adults at All Saints Anglican church. A great group of young people.Wycleif a friend from years past is with us.

 Then Sunday was a great day of worship at Pastor Wilbur's church.
 The one in purple is Enock- A student Lewis' helped through school. He is ready to finish his engineering degree.
 Emily's daughter
 The nursery
After church we went to a young man's home. He had a very hard past and was a street boy but is now trying to reconcile  with his mother. She is Catholic and also worships idols. A new experience definitely for us! We were served  tea and rolls. There were at least 19 people in a room 10' by 10'.

 The mother speaking- she still will not accept him as a believer in God because he is not Catholic. We all prayed that they will see the true LIGHT.
 Medius reading a scripture.
 Collins- the young man in blue.
 Then began a journey to the very top of the hills to Spenser's(the man baptized)home. We had 9 people in the CRV with room for 5. Then once again the road was so rough and the car riding so low I thought we would never make it!!
 They had prepared a feast for us. They were so kind and gracious. Spenser's father had 7 wives and 72 children.So the hillside is covered with relatives. There is much devil worship in this area.  Spenser has 1 wife and 7 children. He has a heart to evangelize and we pray God makes a way for him.

 Spenser and wife Charity

The whole clan.

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