Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life in Kabale

This will probably be a little rambling as thats where our thoughts are today!We are settling in here to life at the same time realizing we are staying at the nicest place in town and eating the best food.When you drive by the garbage dump and see small children (like 5 or 6 years old)who live on the streets you realize its probably not a big deal the electricity was off so you couldnt dry your hair or you will eat the exact same food for breakfast for a month.God is definitely working on us to get self out of the way!The program changes every day-every hour!Tracy was informed half an hour before classes to talk on service in Uganda society.Joab asked what I wanted to teach and I said nothing spur of the moment!We decided on talking to the girls about women of the Bible but later one of the teachers told me they had changed it to HIV prevention!!Definitely not my field of expertice!!so we do desire your prayers to be flexible.
Kabale is a beautiful area with many friendly people.The town is very filthy.You need to wear shoes at all times and not look down to what you are walking thru.Nothing comes easy here.People are working hard for the food for today.It is often overwhelming but we realize all we can do is what the Lord puts right in front of us.So we do desire your prayers that we will be found in His will.We miss home every day but we do wake up with joy to see what is in store for us that day.

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