Saturday, March 13, 2010


Greetings from Kigali!Thanks for all the prayers!We have had a great trip so far with just a few bumps along the way.In the London airport I checked to see if our camera charger was in and realized the charger and battery were on the kitchen wall!Fortunately we were by an electronics store that sold both for a not so small fee.So far with a europe-UK-usa converters put together we can't get it to charge .So we are in search of a camera shop today.
We arrived in Kigali Thursday morning and checked into the adequate Presbyterian Guest House.We have tried to make them understand one towell is not enough for 2 people!!we went out to the farm with Charles.The coffee Tracy and Charles planted a year ago is doing very well.Of course all the neighbors showed up to watch the muzungas(white folks)!Its very sobering to be in such a beautiful place where so much sorrow happened.This is the place where Charles' family lived before the genocide and where many of them died.He was also in hiding in this area.We meet people whose families were the killers and those whose families were killed.There is still a haunting look in so many eyes.But the children are the hope-they love to laugh and play.
Yesterday we went up to the Gisenyi and Goma area.A long bumpy ride.And once again beautiful.We were in the volcano region very close to where Dian Fossey lived and died.(Gorillas in the Mist)I read a biography of Rosamund Hasley Carr-Land of a Thousand Hills-my life in Rwanda.For all you readers I recommend this!She was an American who lived in Rwanda for 50+ years.We visited her plantation-Mugongo.7800 elevation.It was a flower farm complete with acres of English gardens.It has been Imbabazi Orphanage since the genocide.They invited us in for lunch but we needed to get back to Kigali.We were right by Goma which is in the Congo where there is still a lot of unrest.
Today we are on our own in Kigali.Sitting at Bourbon Coffee Again!!Tonite we have Bible Study with friends we have met before.Then tomorrow Tracy will speak at the English service at the Presbyterian church.Then we will leave for Kabale 'Uganda.We are ready to leave big city french speaking for Kabale where we feel so much at home!God's Blessings on everyone at home.We will post pictures as soon as possible.All of you seem so far away and yet very close!

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  1. O my the shame... we have always known nothing but the best...and Believers the world over have truly 'suffered for their faith'. Lord cause in me and hunger to minister to the wounded amoung us.

    'Lord bless you with strength, patience and perseverance as you minster & spread His love and encouragement.'