Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning

It is a beautiful Saturday morning in Uganda.Tracy is riding with Joab to return his father to his home near Mbarara and then on to see the school farm and irrigation project. After finishing my housework which consists of cleaning up a 10x12 room with no cupboards or closets and washing out lightweight clothing,I am enjoying a day in town relaxing and shopping.
We have had an interesting week.The school has experienced fist-fights, lock-down due to theft,and a down to the last minute championship football(soccer) game between S2 and S6.This was played on a field with 2 inches of water.So much slipping and sliding.They are normal teenagers with all the problems,emotions and interests as at home.
We met with the sponsored students and they are so appreciative of all who help with their school fees.They tell us they pray daily for you.Thanks from them for all your support.
On Friday we traveled to Kisoro-1 1/2 hrs on paved 1 1/2 unpaved bumpy road. Kisoro is the Uganda side of the mountains and volcanos we saw in Rwanda.It was again breathtakingly beautiful.We met up with Chris' brother (Chris was the KTC headmaster at one time.)We also stopped at a school started by a former teacher.We traveled miles down a muddy rocky road to see a resort on a lake.Of course it was raining and we got stuck!We arrived back at the hotel tired and muddy but enjoyed the day.
We have found out we are very old! Many conversations go like this:
Us:Do you have parents?
Them:No they died.Its ok. They were very old.
Us:How old?
Them:They were in their early fifties.
Us:Do you know we are 56 and 54?
Them:Oh, you are very very old.
AIDS,hard work,disease, and no health care takes it toll here.
We are so blessed to be so old and able to move around here and see God at work.We pray that none of us miss any opportunities to share"Christ and Him crucified".

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