Monday, March 22, 2010

Our week at Kabale Trinity College

We have been in Kabale for 7 days!We are now considered staff at Kabale Trinity College.We sign in in the morning.We are trying to make them understand -we will eat their food and use their toilets.We just want to blend in(which is a little hard!)We have an office in the Vespry for counselling and studying.We leave the door open and many students stop by to talk.Many subjects come up-dating ,witchcraft,homosexuality,sugar daddies(for school fees) and many others.There is such a big need to know they are accepted and secure in Christ. Many questions begin with"Will I go to hell if I...?"There is 1500 kids at the school and so many needs.
Saturday we traveled to Akanajuka children's home.This is now located a few miles out of town.David and Kathryn Guniea,a young couple from Australia have carried this vision from ground up.They have built 5 homes with one mother and 8 children to each home.Now they are working on a school.Of course the children had to sing and dance for us!Pictures later.We are going back in a couple weeks and Tracy is to do a seminar with the staff.
Sunday we worshipped at the chapel at KTC.It is so amazing to see 2000(with visitors) worshipping and praising the Lord with song and dance!!4 hour chuch service then lunch with the staff.Its fun to reaquaint with friends from years before.The teachers are a young enthusiastic group.They love to talk about the Bible. Peter one of the young teachers has wedded since last year and brought his beautiful bride Sharon.One of the first things he said to us was how much Galations 2 :20 has come to mean in his life this year.Praise God!
This place is so beautiful.Green hills, flowers,and friendly people.And on the flip side the filth and smells in town is overwhelming.We do return to our hillside retreat every evening and try not to feel a little guilty.
This weekend we are to travel to Kisoro, a town up in the hillside around 60 miles away.Then we will go to church with Pastor Johnson Bakashaba on Sunday and visit his home.We never know what will happen next here.We are in our room right now with lightening and thunder and heavy rain so I expect the power to go anytime!God Bless all of you and thanks for your prayers!!

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