Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day!

We are alive and well in Uganda.On April Fool's day I pray we all may be considered fools for the gospels sake.In the last week the power here is off more than on and the phone lines also.So internet time can be few and far between.I was posting the last batch of pictures when it went so there is more to come. And It just went so am trusting batter power.
Every time I think I have been down the bumpiest dirt road in Africa-Guess what!We traveled to Kinunga Tuesday.This is where Geralds parents live.Gerald lives in our area and attends Stan State. We traveled 3 hours to the Bwindi impenetrable Forest.This is where they trek gorillas.The forest is so dense and thick you can not believe.We did not trek gorillas as it is $500 US.We stayed in The Silverback Lodge at the very top of the mountain.This is a 4 star resort that Geralds dad is involved in.The view is incredible.Then Geralds parents and his sister Ester took us around Kinunga and to their home and to see a coffee project he is involved with.We had the best time with them.Very gracious and hospitable. Then the bumpy teeth jarring ride back.And today back to work!We were actually missing the students and teachers.We break tomorrow for 4 days for Easter.Good Friday service at All Saints Anglican,spending time with Vian and his fiancee ,Easter at KTC chapel,our 34th anniversary, teacher workshop on Monday-thats our weekend!Blessings on all!

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